Choose-your-own-adventure Twitter Fiction

The choose-your-own-adventure Twitter fiction submitted by Tom Mitchell is quite effective in that it brings together two huge portions of what makes Twitter great:  interactivity and jokes. A lot of these fiction feeds feature a person telling a story 140 characters at a time. That’s perfectly fine and meets the criteria quite well. What Mitchell does brings more and more people into the fold with each Tweet because they’re directly impacting the story.

The story isn’t anything earth-shattering. It has good jokes, with the “world’s largest baguette” and Mitchell’s followers obvious choice of the Samba club being my personal favorites, but what really makes the feed tick is the interactivity. People like to be involved. Especially in today’s world where a person feels the need to like every photo a friend posts because they want them to know they care. And what better way to be involved with the Twitter Fiction Festival than by helping write one of its stories?

A critique of the feed I have is with Kay’s interaction with Nicky. It would have been really funny during the date if, instead of him posting her reaction, to get a “direct” quote back. “Nicky asks if you’re joking” could easily be turned into a funny quip she throws at her horrible date. You’re still getting the point across without having to explain or use filler words. All in all, I think I just wanted to more Nicky. The awkward club dancing and possibility of shared drunken cab ride were intriguing.


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