Read and Respond: Facebook Likes

This is a very interesting article that plays on something I’ve been noticing for a while. When I first got on Facebook around 2009, I don’t remember a single ad for anything but Facebook games for a long time. I feel like one day everything became ads on that site and since I really haven’t gone back. What Mat Honan is doing here is playing right into my negative feelings towards the humongous website. By liking everything on Facebook, he changed an interactive website designed for people into an ad-pumping store window.

It brings up the question of whether or not this site is really doing what it was designed to do anymore. Is Facebook really this all-encompassing connective tool anymore? It sure doesn’t seem like it when Honan’s likes for his own page are infesting the pages of those he’s friends with. Another question that comes up from this piece is will Twitter follow in the same footsteps? It isn’t the same thing, obviously, but Twitter and Instagram began placing ads some time ago.

It’s a great experiment that really exposes a flaw in what Facebook is doing. It’s good that their PR got on it relatively soon, but the fact that it can even happen is a little alarming. But then again, Facebook, like all things, is changing. Maybe the way I enjoyed it isn’t the way others do. That’s fine, but it sure seems like a downgrade from what it once was.


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