Ebola Links

1) TIME piece that also has a video statement from the U.N. Secretary-General:

Ebola Outbreak Is a ‘Serious Threat’ to Liberia’s Existence, Says Minister

2) Washington Post’s look at how the outbreak might spread:


3) Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s page about the outbreak, including preventative measures and case breakdown:


4) The BBC’s take on how the outbreak is decimating Liberia’s population:


5) NY Time’s blog entry about how we may be the driving force behind these animal-bred diseases:


6) Blog entry from back in June when the deaths were in the hundreds; it breaks down the scientific angle of it:

Ebola Immunopathology and the Outbreak in West Africa

7) A Twitter collection put together by Matt Dennebaum about the outbreak:

8) An MD and employee of the Nigerian national government’s Twitter feed:

9) Story from The Hill on American aid-funding for the outbreak:


10) Vox’s ebola Twitter feed; tons of stuff from all over here:


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