Ebola Update

The outlook for ebola was pretty awful going into last week. With reports from our links that over 4,268 cases had been reported and there was over 2,288 dead. Big numbers for a spreading epidemic that doesn’t seem to be going away. On top of that, the disease had then spread to Liberia, which reported thousands of cases suddenly popping up about a week ago.

But a glimmer of hope came in the coming days. The numbers have gone down. Dan Nwomeh’s Twitter feed came in with news about numbers dropping in Nigeria and negating the scare case of a woman getting it in South Africa today. It also helped that Bill Gates’ foundation decided to donate $50 million to fight the epidemic. Great news considering the issue continues to spread.

Also encouraging is that the US State Department decided to allocate 160,000 Hazmat suits in preparation of the outbreak on Saturday. It’s nice to see the country taking steps to combat a potential threat. A potential major threat, to be more precise. Not to say that the threat is gone at all, though. With news out today that Sierra Leone is reporting 35 infected just by washing the dead.

But an article posted by Wired.com earlier today says that it would be a terrible idea to not act on this now. As some countries, including Pakistan, aren’t taking preventative measures for the outbreak. Wired claims that the math backs up the paranoia, as the virus will get much, much worse if preventative measures aren’t bolstered worldwide.


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