Ebola Update II

One of the more interesting developments since the last update is that President Obama and his staff decided to deploy 3,000 troops and spend more than $500 million in relief for the epidemic. It’s curious to me that, given the situation, he would deploy “troops” instead of medical professionals. What are they there for? I haven’t seen a specific reason for that. On the counter to that, it is nice to see that large amount of money being distributed, especially from our gigantic defense-spending piggybank.

The r/ebola page on Reddit has become the best resource for this project. Not only are we getting constant information (at the least, an article an hour), but it’s also coming from a bevy of different sources. It’s where I got the information from the opening paragraph and it’s really been paramount in my searching so far. Twitter has also been helpful, but r/ebola takes the cake.

Dan Nwomeh’s great Twitter feed hasn’t updated much, but there is an important nugget in there. The MD from Nigeria claims that the schools in his home country will most likely be opening back up on September 22. That’s big news. Matt Dennebaum’s Twitter feed, which is mostly made of pictures, also provided some new information on Sierra Leone’s situation getting worse and WHO reporting that Liberia might not be getting aid for some time.


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