Ebola Update III

First, I checked the two Twitter-affiliated things we chose. Dan Nwomeh’s Twitter account and Matt Dennebaum’s curated Twitter feed both provide interesting information. Dennebaum’s intrigue lies in the fact that it’s mostly pictures. But seeing it is an entirely different experience than just reading about it. You get to see the insane levels of protection the Red Cross and other organizations must take to prevent catching the disease. And you also see the harrowing villages of quarantined people on their own land, which is an experience itself.

It’s a little jarring when you compare that with Nwomeh’s feed. Working as a Minister of Health for the Nigerian government, he must report on the state of the disease in his country. But jumping from those images to strictly numbers is like looking at it in a completely different way. He pretty much sticks to, “X amount of cases, Y amount of dead” throughout his timeline. I know it isn’t supposed to, but it almost comes off as a little cold.

I also looked at the Channels TV station a fellow group member found. This is different from our other sources in that it isn’t strictly dealing with the spreading of ebola. Rather, it’s a 24-hour news cycle from the continent in which the disease is so rampant. And while they do provide some updates, there is also, no surprise, other things going on so they must also report on those. In the three or four times I checked, I got mostly other news. The ebola news they did cover was just numbers.


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