Ebola Update IV

For a sense of background, the Wikipedia page seemed like an obvious next step. It was interesting to know that the current outbreak is the worst in the history of the disease. The numbers that came in on the 17 reported that now 2,746 people have died (according to WHO statistics). As an American, it was a curious thing to read about how a possible cause of the spread is that there are certain death customs in which the deceased body must be washed. That is a very difficult thing to try and take away from these people, so I can imagine that would cause a stir.

Next, I hopped to the BBC’s page to look at their updates. They reported on the end of the lock down in Sierra Leone and had an updating article that discussed the degree at which the disease can climb. According to the article, the current ebola spread has killed more than all of the others combined. It’s quite scary to think about that. Especially considering it’s still crawling across the continent and there obviously still isn’t a cure.

The r/ebola page on the website Reddit continued to be a great source this week. There was an extremely interesting thread posted yesterday that compared the Cholera Riots of the 1930s with the current ebola epidemic.  Fascinating parallels at work as the riots also featured people striking out against those there to help them. In both cases, the people feared that the government tried to poison them in an act of population control. A crazy notion but this truly is a remarkable situation.


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