Read and Respond: Character and Story in New Media and Transmedia

The first project I picked was the piece on @MayorEmanuel. I find novelty Twitter accounts really interesting, especially if they’re pulled off in a fresh or actually inventive way. Sinker’s project definitely did that in spades. Telling a story from his unique, punk point of view in politics was probably something the group surrounding the race didn’t expect. You couple that with the timeliness of the project and I think it’s an incredibly interesting endeavor to take on.

Next, I chose the @YourAuntDiane account. Really, really funny tweets coming in from this account. It’s not the hardest concept in the world, but it’d be really tough to pull off if the person behind it wasn’t actually funny. You need the thinking to come up with it, but the execution needs that extra juice. And that’s really my favorite part about this account:  it’s just really funny. She’s (?) weaving a really interesting story on that timeline.

To keep the Twitter theme going to the end, I chose the reality TV show project for my final choice. What to love about this project is the sheer ambition. Cross-platforming this thing over four social media platforms is a daunting task. Another interesting thing about this project is the immersion you can subscribe to with it. I could easily see a teenager completely digging their claws into this. Especially because the characters will be so topical to their lives.


2 thoughts on “Read and Respond: Character and Story in New Media and Transmedia

  1. The idea of a journalist picking up everything and going to Africa is a great example of something we don’t see much of anymore. I can relate to him that he has the mentality that he will do whatever people say he can’t do basically. Cool character. I would say Tru News could have a little more background on where it is, but overall fun characters.


  2. I really like your characters. How can you not be jumpy and nervous becoming a gorilla journalist. I liked how you said he was a recent college grad, yet brought something up from his senior year, it builds more back story for him. The news source that is quick to get information out that it is sometimes wrong is very relevant to some news sources in todays media. They will not confirm nor deny something, yet some websites will put a concrete answer to it without any evidence.


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