Speculative Fiction Character Descriptions

Ralph is a recent college graduate turned gorilla journalist. Jumpy in nature, he only took the project on due to a speech given by a freelance journalist his senior year about those in the field not taking risks anymore. He says his immune system is in “good shape” but it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to stomach this ambitious project.

Tunde is a native-African who agrees to help Ralph on his new journey. His eagerness to help comes up mostly due to his obsession with American culture. Something he doesn’t completely understand, but is completely enamored with. He is pretty easygoing and thinks Ralph’s panicky nature is absolutely hilarious.

TruNews is an up-and-coming news organization who wants desperately to get the ongoing scoops in the ebola epidemic. So much so that they tend to get things wrong in the rush to be first.

ANN is a reputable news organization with the resources to cover the epidemic correctly. They have people stationed all over the continent and are almost always right.

Chet Williams is a reporter for ANN and is one of the best at his job. He aggressively covers the ongoing situation and will go anywhere for the story. His practices meet journalistic standards, but he isn’t afraid to toe the line to get the information he needs. He’s a bit egotistical, but also knows the importance of what he says and prints.


3 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction Character Descriptions

  1. Tunde is my favorite in the sense that you have a foreigner who understands American pop culture. I would say Ralph is pretty calm for having picked up everything and left for Liberia, but interesting selection. Tunde calling Ralph the “Ralphman” was clever. Good call on linking your characters together I thought that was neat.

    Ralph voice sketch (keys: a mixture of formal news writing mixed with conversational tone when things get heavy or otherwise uncomfortable)

    RALPH ON TWITTER: I’m here at an outbreak clinic in Liberia. Should have more information as the day progresses.

    5 minutes later: I have left the outbreak clinic in Liberia. Not only am I vomiting at an alarming rate due to the things I’ve seen, I was also kicked out for not having credentials. #sigh

    Tunde voice sketch (keys: decent grammar paired with lots of laughing at Ralph and pop culture references)

    TUNDE ON TWITTER: Wit the Ralphman going to hospital. He dont know whats going on at all hahahaha its like Mad Max over here now man.


  2. I found your character descriptions interesting. I think that you did a great job at making sure they all connected to at least one other character which I really like. I also like that you have someone who is extremely good journalist and someone who isn’t quite ready to be a good one yet. I also really liked that you added a character who is actually from Africa and I really like that he is helping Ralph. I really don’t have any suggestions for how you could improve your character descriptions. Nice job!


  3. I like your relationship between these two characters. Having Ralph tweet about where he is, then 5 minutes later leaving is something that could easily happen. Having Tunde their to make fun of him and since you said before his interests in Americans, he threw out some references as well. Nice job.


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