Speculative Fiction Character Voice Sketches

Ralph voice sketch (keys: a mixture of formal news writing mixed with conversational tone when things get heavy or otherwise uncomfortable)

RALPH ON TWITTER: I’m here at an outbreak clinic in Liberia. Should have more information as the day progresses.

5 minutes later: I have left the outbreak clinic in Liberia. Not only am I vomiting at an alarming rate due to the things I’ve seen, I was also kicked out for not having credentials. #sigh

Tunde voice sketch (keys: decent grammar paired with lots of laughing at Ralph and pop culture references)

TUNDE ON TWITTER: Wit the Ralphman going to hospital. He dont know whats going on at all hahahaha its like Mad Max over here now man.


2 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction Character Voice Sketches

  1. Your story went rather fast, given the time frame we had to work with it’s not an entirely bad thing. Putting your mind in the panic over in Africa I am sure it seems like the world is going really fast. Something you could improve on in the future is just putting in a little more detail with the violence and what Ralph saw at the clinic that made him have doubts. Little quirks between him and Tunde would help build that relationship as well, overall really good job!


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