Speculative Fiction Story Outline


7 AM: RALPH (gorilla journalist) lands in Nigeria to begin his first big journalistic endeavor.

Noon: RALPH goes out to get a feel for the town and the first foreign country he’s ever been in.

10 PM: RALPH gets his first dose of serious doubt about his new adventure.


11 AM: While RALPH browses the market for food, he meets TUNDE (easygoing adventure-seeker) and they hit it off.

4 PM: RALPH convinces TUNDE to visit a local outbreak hospital with him.

5 PM: TRUNEWS (poor news outlet) breaks a story about a new outbreak in Nigeria that’s killing hundreds. This is proven false within 5 minutes and they apologize.


10 AM: TRUNEWS breaks news that the ongoing situation in Liberia is actually getting worse. This time, they are correct.

10:30 AM: ANN agrees with TRUNEWS’s report.

11 AM: CHET announces that he will be on the ground in Africa, leaving his current post in Ukraine.


8 AM: TUNDE attempts to show RALPH the ways of his continent in terms that RALPH will understand. This only confuses him more.

2 PM: RALPH convinces TUNDE to give the hospital another crack. This trip goes just as poorly.

8 PM: CHET announces that he has arrived for a short stint in Nigeria before heading to the real front lines in Liberia.


5 AM: RALPH and TUNDE sneak in to the hospital early, due to light security.

9 AM: CHET (all-star reporter) shows up to the same hospital, is weary of RALPH and TUNDE’s credentials.

Noon: TRUNEWS reports that CHET has contracted ebola and died. ANN (reputatable news outlet) aggressively denies this and scolds TRUNEWS for their reporting. TRUNEWS apologizes.


9 AM: CHET, TUNDE, and RALPH land in Liberia.

1 PM: CHET, TUNDE, and RALPH visit a hot outbreak hospital in the city.

5 PM: The hospital is attacked by rebels attempting to free the patients from what they think is a government scam. It’s very violent.


8 AM: the violence continues as the three are forced to bunker down in the hospital.

Noon: the violence finally ends as the rebels move on.

4 PM: the three characters say their goodbyes and RALPH ponders whether this really is the life for him.


4 thoughts on “Speculative Fiction Story Outline

  1. I like that you have a main character. I tried to balance talking time for my characters. Again, merging your characters was a good idea. I like there is an objective for your characters. Your story would have been fun to watch as we worked at this throughout the semester, while I would consider mine over as the (sort of) main character was killed.


  2. I think your story is strong. You did a nice job at putting your characters into situations that fit their character descriptions. How did Chet, Ralph and Tunde all end up visiting the same hospital together in the end? Did Ralph even get a real story? I think that if these questions would’ve been answered the story would have been even stronger. I still think you did a nice job and put a lot of effort into planning the outcome.


  3. I like that Ralph seemed to think he was going to be fine but ended up in over his head. It was also interesting that you had to know a bit about everyone to know what’s going on. An example being that Chet wasn’t really dead since Trunews is always in a rush to release information. What makes this story good is the strong characters, the one thing that would have been a nice touch would have been more story with the rebels attacking.


  4. I do sort of love that the story is as much about these feuding news stations as the ebola outbreak itself. It really makes your story stand out; even though everyone in your group is posting about an outbreak, yours felt quite unique in that it is a multi-layered narrative in a different sense. Especially considering the emphasis we have had on conflicting news from different sources, which you’ve captured well.

    I think a good way to depict the conversation between the journalists, as it isn’t very formal, and is just them talking to one another, would be facebook or texts or some sort of one-to-one communications. It would feel like a somewhat unnatural series of conversations to have over Twitter (I’m not even sure where you were going to have it take place, just wanted to throw my bits in where I could).


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