Justin Hall’s Links

Reading through Hall’s website, it’s pretty insane to see the level of dedication he’s had to it. I also love the fact that he’s stuck with the archaic style of the site itself. It’s pretty amazing to see somebody so ahead of the pack with his blogging, and also to see him keep it up for over 20 years. There is an absolute vault of information about him and those around him that is simultaneously impressive and terrifying.

He makes some interesting posts throughout his timeline. There are some music reviews, relationship writing is there ad nauseam, and there’s even a recap of his family life. Its pretty overwhelming to see the level of intimacy with which he writes about himself and those around him. The linked divorce video was pretty emotional throughout, with a few specific moments where his voice breaks and it’s tough not to break with him.

I’m completely impressed with what Hall has done, no doubt. And I also see the relation of what he did/is doing with what a lot of us are unknowingly doing today. Many don’t realize that they are essentially doing exactly what Hall did, except there’s is less detailed, less emotional (probably), and not as well written. But they are analyzing their life most of the time on social media and that stuff isn’t going away. I applaud his dedication and being ahead of the curve, but I’ll stick to my unfunny quips and minimal life-sharing details, thank you very much.


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