lonelygirl15 Project

The lonelygirl15 web series was a very interesting and ambitious project at the time it was launched. I love the idea of being secretive with the type of media you’re putting out in this way. Those “Is it real?”-type conversations are great for whatever project you’re doing and it worked out pretty well for the producers of this show. It’s showing very human characters discussing things that those in their age group give a damn about, so it’s not too surprising that it was a success.

The actual content isn’t very interesting to me. It’s just “lonelygirl15 deals with boys” or “lonelygirl15 outruns The Order”. The addition of The Order was a nice touch and added another layer of drama to the project, but there are still huge chunks of this that weren’t all that engaging to me. I get why, with the realism factor, but a show like this really isn’t in my wheelhouse. It certainly is well put together and thought out, though. But probably not something I would have kept up with at the time.


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