Character Descriptions for Personal Narrative Project

Alec: The protagonist and occasional narrator of the story. He is the recently dumped cinephile who escapes more into film as his recent break-up seems more and more permanent. A bit of a loner, Alec isn’t one for human interaction as much as he’d like to be. He aspires to be like those he sees in movies and identifies with certain aspects of the characters he loves the most. His escape into film is something his ex didn’t understand and something he struggled to explain to her.

Tyler Durden: One of the movie characters that Alec transports into real life. Tyler is a chaotic ball of energy and anti-establishmentism. He hates all things materialistic and loathes the standards and expectations society puts on people in the world. He abhors almost all media, but believes certain aspects of it can be used to spread his philosophy.

Ricky Fitts: Another character Alec transports into real life. Unlike Tyler, Ricky is quiet and unassuming. He’d much rather be a background character in life than the showrunner. An optimist, Ricky sees beauty in almost everything he sees and records much of it on whatever recording device he has handy. Ricky hates fake intentions and the falsities people portray to the public. He strives to be the opposite in everyone else’s eyes, even if his actions label him a freak.

Patrick Bateman: The final movie character Alec transports into real life. Bateman is the epitome of upper-class materialism and narcissism. Appearance is everything to him, it’s the only thing. Along-side that, he’s also got a bit of a violent side to him. A bit of a sociopath and pop culture fanatic, Bateman struggles to temper his murderous desires as he climbs the social ladder.


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