Character Voice Sketches for Personal Narrative Project

Alec: Normal style of writing. Conversational, but still with a sense of formality. His mood usually is directly related to the comments he’s making, but not always in an obvious way.

“Just finally caught up with The Hunt. Stunning. Mads is still so under-utilized in America.”

“It’s so quiet here now. #5Days”

“Out a roommate, anyone have any quick ideas to make cash? #$ellYourBody”

“If I didn’t procrastinate all the time, I’d probably be a pretty productive human being.”

“The amount of people I’ve met who have never seen Singin’ in the Rain is frightening.”

“We all make mistakes. Some pay more than others, it seems.”

Tyler: Avoid capitalization unless he really wants the emphasis. Breaks line by line for each thought. Mostly speaks about his problems with society.

“another gucci ad sprayed all over downtown

another standard set for hundreds”


“open your mind

lose you inhibitions

L I V E”

“city hall might be on fire

this town might be better off without it”

“TV commercial car billboards computer ads movies product placement

buy buy buy sell sell sell buy buy buy”

“the roof over your head is the biggest gift you have

and you don’t even really need that”

Ricky: Mostly tweets pictures or videos of seemingly normal things with some form of the word ‘beautiful’ attached. The man is obsessed with beauty in the world.

“Destruction. Beautiful.



“Mother Nature’s beauty.

“Unintended but amazing.

Patrick: Short sentences. Very direct and opinionated. Reflect his materialistic and narcissistic views.

“Downtown. Hit my cell but I’m probably busy.”

“5 new tailored suits from Smith’s on 9th. Quality is the best I’ve seen outside of Europe.”

“Lobster is the cockroach of the sea. Overrated by yuppies.”

“Watch where you’re walking. Filthy people. Don’t touch me with your off-brand leather gloves.”

“Limo service in this city is second-rate. Maybe even third.”

“Rafael’s pulled out a table for me. Food was stunning. Wine pairing cost more than most salaries.”

“Making conversation with man at bank. I just want to punch his face.”


One thought on “Character Voice Sketches for Personal Narrative Project

  1. One thing that stuck out was how much you could tell the main character had some anxiety problems. It seemed like he was a well thought out character and it made the story work well. The only thing that I noticed that might help the story is that there seemed to be a lack of ending. Maybe the ending is how you want it, which is fine because it’s still a good story, just a thought.


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