Models for Personal Narrative Project

Tonally, I don’t want this project to just be coming from one angle. I want there to be drama and comedy, mostly. Dramatically, it will be a bit like a family-drama. So examples could be anything from The Family Stone, to the Vacation movies, or, more aptly, American Beauty. Mostly dealing with the dysfunction of the family and the consequences of such. Dysfunction does breed comedy, though. I plan on it mostly to be dark, but there will be straight comedy as well. American Beauty‘s comedy fits in well here, so does something like Observe and Report. There’s dark and light, like almost anything that’s good in media.

As far as specific voices go, the Tyler character will mostly resemble the @IAmJacksBot Twitter page as it’s based off of the character in question. This is an effective model because it is portraying the character as is in the movie. Chaotic, idealistic, and violent. Also being used as what I believe to be a better model is the @AngryPatBateman Twitter page. I think this moreso resembles the character it’s based off of. Bateman is the opposite of Durden in that he’s materialistic, but they’re both cynical and violent. Although less chaotic than Durden, this character is still just as unpredictable.


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