Fakebooking a Journey

I love this project. The beauty of it is that it’s such a simple thing to attempt. If you live in even a remotely cultured city, it shouldn’t be too hard to attempt something similar. I love the reasoning behind her endeavor (or lack thereof) the most. Facebook seems to be a place of attention getting and status battling these days, and it’s a bore to even visit it. She kind of took that crowd and gave them the finger.

I’m kind of surprised she shaded her family out of it, though, but maybe she has a talkative mother or something that would ruin it. I’m curious as to know how many of her friends fell for the prank. And also, how many of them looked at her or their account differently afterwards. Each person on social media is displaying a very specific image of themselves and their lives, so any time you can make people think about the way the world is viewing them, it’s an interesting topic.


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