Top 5 Ways Tech Makes You Feel Better and Why

1. It makes me feel informed. Getting constant updates on the things I like makes me feel in the loop. That’s a feeling I really like and dislike greatly when I don’t know what’s going on in sports and movies.

2. Makes me feel smarter. I have gone on many a Wikipedia dives that lead to me learning quite a good deal more than I knew before.

3. It keeps me constantly connected to my faraway loved ones. I live an hour away from my girlfriend and parents, two hours away from my father, and two time zones away from my sister. Technology makes contacting them much easier on a daily basis.

4. It provides me with tools to explore further the things I love. Sports forums, music review sites, my Letterboxd, and a plethora of other sites have brought me more resources to explore my hobbies and passions.

5. My smart phone does everything. I love that I have a GPS, alarm clock, music/podcast player, and actual phone all in one. It gives me a sense of relief that I only have to carry around one thing for all of those purposes.


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