Top 5 Ways Tech Makes You Feel Worse and Why

1. I pull out my phone way too much when I’m with my friends. I hate that I do it and it’s a really rude thing to do, but it’s almost a muscle memory with me and checking Twitter or box scores.

2. I should be reading more in books than on the internet or at least divide it up better. I used to read more when I was a kid and teenager. With all of the things to read on the internet, I’ve sort of neglected books in recent years.

3. Facebook in general makes me feel worse about the people I have on it. It’s just this sad looking glass into how people need to post every little thought they have. I don’t even check mine anymore.

4. It’s sobering to think about how much I panic when my phone runs out of battery or I have no service. I rely on this tool way too much and it shows each time this happens. Surviving two weeks without a phone a couple years back was a shock and I can say in all honesty that every single second of it was loathsome.

5. Witch hunts on the internet are sad. Like the Boston bombing situation on Reddit. People shouldn’t be pointing fingers when they know nothing. And people definitely shouldn’t be listening to those pointing fingers.


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