Top 5 Worst Things that Would Happen if You Gave Up Tech for a Week and Why

1. I would feel completely disconnected. With no updates on all of the things I follow, I’d feel cut off from them and odd when I finally came back. Like I missed something really important and am playing catch up. In the rush to be first in this day and age, it’s tough to be left behind.

2. Contacting loved ones would be more difficult. Shockingly, I don’t own a home phone. So without my cell I wouldn’t be able to talk to my girlfriend, parents, or siblings without going to a pay phone. And there’s another problem, I have no idea where there even are any pay phones.

3. School would be difficult. No Moodle? Half of my classes rely heavily on it and if I have no access, my grades will slip. I’m sure exceptions could be made but it’s pretty crazy how heavily schools rely on tech these days.

4. I’d struggle to pay for things. I’m the type of person who never, ever has cash on them. It’s on my card 99% of the time. I could go to my bank, sure, but I’m always uncomfortable with large amounts of money on me. And I don’t want to be running to the bank constantly.

5. Fantasy football would be a living hell. Fantasy football is by far my favorite hobby, but I can’t imagine doing it by hand like people used to. It’d be such a hassle to calculate each score, match them up with their opponent, and then mail out the results each week. Not to mention the process of adding and dropping players would be tiresome each week. I think it’d make the game less fun to my generation.


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