Ghosts of a Chance

Ghosts of a Chance seems like a very interesting method to get people interested in museums. I’m not sure that the Smithsonian really needs more foot-traffic and interest, but what they seem to really want is the interest of young people. I suppose that’s not unlike most museums around the country. The advantage the Smithsonian has is that it can do everything bigger than the rest.

The small ripple I think this game has over World Without Oil is that, not only are these people puzzle solving, but they’re also creating art to send into the museum itself. World Without Oil did encourage art-making with all of the writing, but here you are sending your project directly to the museum. That’s a really cool difference and would definitely encourage me to join if I had any artistic ability.

This game also seems to rely much more on actual puzzle solving. What a fun addition. Especially when you get multiple people on a forum involved, dissecting every little detail of their clue to make sense of it all. People love that kind of stuff. Puzzle solving in a collaborative way is a great selling point for your game and museum.


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