Make the World Better Game

My idea for a game would be something like a book come to life. The main idea being that real-world players have to re-create the situations in famous books to earn points. The game would take place over a set amount of weeks, and players can work alone or in teams to complete the scenes of the library’s choosing.

The main idea behind the game is to get people more interested in books. So, each library would have a sign-up sheet in house that players would come and sign up for. The library would release the books being used in the game for a given week online or something, and then the players sign up for that books’ tasks by checking it out.

Certain things in the game are worth more than others. For instance, recreating a simple solo scene in Tom Sawyer would be worth less points than recording a video of yourself repainting a fence. Some tasks would require video and some would be photo. So you could do the game through Tumblr or Facebook for the photos and Facebook and YouTube for the videos.

As a player, the list of books and tasks would be released on Sunday night by the library association. The list would look something like this:

Task A: single-player, page 186, recreate the scene in paragraph 3 using photo or video – 25 points

Task B: 3 or more players, page 27, recreate the scene in paragraph 1 using video to capture it all – 75 points each

So, players can combine in a team category or play solo throughout the contest. If they play on a team, they may still do solo tasks and add the points to their team total. But, they must choose one or the other. The beauty of this is not only will the kids be checking out and looking at books, but also collaborating and sharing with others (if they so choose). You run this style of game for 4 or 6 weeks, and declare a winner at the end.


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