Gamergate is really confusing. It seems like a group of incredibly passionate people that got together and couldn’t decide on what to get mad about. And I suppose that’s where they struggle with many people, but that makes it difficult to explain to a person on the outside. It also makes anyone talking about it on the internet question whether or not they want to say something.

Gamergate is something that began as one thing, and morphed into another. It seemingly began as a hate campaign against a woman in the independent gaming industry. Then, after it gained considerable (and frightening) speed, it aimed it’s high-powered weaponry at gaming journalism. And there it has sat for around 5 months now.

That’s probably the most basic of explanations, but it gets the nucleus of the matter. There are obviously about 100 follow-up questions to it, but others have already explained it so eloquently that I’d probably just point my friend in their direction. Hopefully they would get their questions answered because I’m still fuzzy on a lot of it.

The actual gamergate community seems like a bunch of people who take themselves to be like this guy. Passionate and misunderstood. But a lot like the gentleman in the video, they’re hearkening back to the halcyon days that just aren’t here anymore. We grow up and so did the gaming industry. I’m sorry fellas, but those days of clandestine games of Pitfall! in your friend’s basement are gone. Gaming gas gone global, and in almost every sense of the word.

While I do think those protecting the legacy of gaming are a bit off the mark, I understand the want of journalism ethics in gaming. The problem is that the seed of that whole problem came out of such a blackened place. Maybe if the issue came up a year from now I’d be more on board, but I can’t see myself being a passenger when the others are still riding along.


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