‘Save the World’ Game Outline

The entire idea of my game is for people to get really involved in their books. So, my game basically puts them into the books by re-creating scenes for points. This can be accomplished by video or photo, depending on the scene and the points. All players really need is a set list of the tasks they can accomplish in order to play. From there, they can choose which ones to do according to point value and time. The usual time slot would be a week to do a long set of tasks, but below I’ve sketched out a simple 5 minute version that one could play to get a sampling of the game.

Game time: 5 minutes

Task #1: Re-create this scene from Watchmen by photo.


Total points: 5

Task #2: Re-create this scene from the book Fight Club. You may use photo or video, depending on the amount of points you’d like.


Total points: for a photo, 10 for video





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