Fakebooking a Journey

I love this project. The beauty of it is that it’s such a simple thing to attempt. If you live in even a remotely cultured city, it shouldn’t be too hard to attempt something similar. I love the reasoning behind her endeavor (or lack thereof) the most. Facebook seems to be a place of attention getting and status battling these days, and it’s a bore to even visit it. She kind of took that crowd and gave them the finger.

I’m kind of surprised she shaded her family out of it, though, but maybe she has a talkative mother or something that would ruin it. I’m curious as to know how many of her friends fell for the prank. And also, how many of them looked at her or their account differently afterwards. Each person on social media is displaying a very specific image of themselves and their lives, so any time you can make people think about the way the world is viewing them, it’s an interesting topic.


Google’s Ingress Reaction & Articles

My initial reaction to this article is that I still don’t really know what it’s all about. They explain you utilize a “hack” command on some missions, but then don’t explain what that command exactly entails. So i’m unsure whether you just go where the map says and tap a button on your phone or if you actually have to search for the target and do something with it. Maybe it’s because not everyone could make the missions yet, but it’s all still very fuzzy to me.

It does seem like a cool idea, though. It seems on par with the geocaching we discussed in class this week. They didn’t seem to mention a price at all so that could be a difference between the two. The added numbers of people participating in this seems really intriguing, also. There wasn’t any real mention in geocaching in how you could partner up with others, so some sort of multi-player element to this game would be a really interesting twist. Then again, I wasn’t clear afterwards on why you would need multiple people and what they would do, so it’s 50-50 either way.

Honestly, I got just as much information about this project from the pictures as I did from the article. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding Ingraham’s words but it seems to me he’s generalizing in his piece far too much. The faction element is what he seemed to focus the most on in actual explanation, which makes sense. Every massive multi-player game nowadays utilizes factions in some way. So I understood that out of it.


Since I was kind of confused on the game itself, I figured I’d head to Reddit to get a clearer picture. They have a subreddit for almost anything these days so it didn’t take long before I was caught up on the process of the game. The site helped a lot with explaining and providing some recent and old examples of the game and how it’s expanded since it started.

The site provides many interesting posts about how players are processing the game in a daily fashion. A large percentage of the content I saw dealt with players posting images of the “fields” around them or that they’ll be attempting. Some of the areas these players had to cover were immense. Stretching over large portions of states or even huge chunks of Europe. I thought it would be a much smaller game but apparently not.

My favorite section of the subreddit is the FAQ section. This in depth section provided me with pretty much any information I needed to know about the game. There were explanations on the factions, the leveling system, and the portal keys, which I hadn’t know about before. There were even more complex terms and gaming intricacies that I didn’t get too much into, but they’re there if I ever revisit the subject.


The last article I looked at took the same basic structure of the opening piece with some differences. This example is focusing more on locations and how the addition of missions has made the game an easier transition for new players of the game. The new location services in the mission format seem to have revolutionized the game and made a massive improvement on a game that’s still growing.

I like the way the article emphasized how important the location jumping is within Ingress. They mention making a mission where you take followers on a field trip of notable locations across a city or country. I hadn’t thought of this game as a tool for that. I assumed you just stood outside a garbage can or something and that was it. But it seems you can essentially make these things into tours of interesting stuff. They mentioned touring pubs in England or art galleries as a way to draw people to your mission. I wasn’t too interested in this game before, but if there’s a section of people doing just tours, I would be much more likely to try it out. It’s a really cool ripple to the game.